An Open Proposal to Google Creative Labs

The short of it: I have a feature documentary - titled For Thousands of Miles, or FToM for short - about bicycling across the United States, I would like to release this film online for free using a special player that takes full-advantage of webGL to expand and share additional stories within the film that otherwise could not be shared in a linear manner.

Why approach Google Creative Labs? To be blunt, I can’t accomplish this alone. To build a collection of in-depth experiences tied around an hour and forty minute long film will require a tremendous amount of teamwork and technical skill that I alone do not possess. 

I can see three roads to take here, 1) find a way to fund and organize this team independently, as I am not independently wealthy, this option raises more questions than it answers; 2) reach out to the same Creative Lab that built projects like ROME or Wilderness Downtown, the same Lab that best understands what challenges exist in building an experience like this; or 3) admit that I’m over my head and lost, and abandoned this idea. 

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