"But many tenants are here not so much for the cheap rent — $40 a night — as for the camaraderie and idea-swapping."

At ‘Hacker Hostels,’ Living on the Cheap and Dreaming of Digital Glory - NYTimes.com

That is $1,200 a month, 33% more than I paid for my SOMA studio and twice as much for an SRO above the Zeitgeist.  And you have to live in Menlo Park. I’m not sure the “intellectual stimulation” of living with people paying above-market rates for messy, crowded living conditions in the middle of a suburban cultural wasteland is really worth it. Also kind of shows pretty poor business acumen. (Via Brianvan)

  1. brianvan said: I just like that they’re all “idea swapping” when the idea (just one idea) is a dashboard-centric user app backed by a Rails-based CRUD server backend. Maybe they’ll use Mongo DB and be WEBSCALE!
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